Binesh K Sadanandan

Ph.D. Student at University of New Haven | Senior Principal Research Engineer & Technical Fellow at Medtronic



University of New Haven

New Haven, CT

Hello, I'm Binesh Kumar, bringing over 15 years of experience in data science and healthcare technology to my role at Medtronic. As a Senior Principal Research and Development Engineer & Technical Fellow, my focus lies in crafting innovative solutions for laparoscopic and robotic surgical procedures, with a special emphasis on product data management.

Academically, as a Ph.D. candidate at the Secure and Assured Intelligent Learning Lab (SAIL Lab) at the University of New Haven, I am committed to advancing precision oncology through my research in dynamic treatment planning systems, leveraging the potential of Reinforcement Learning Techniques. My goal is to drive the creation of globally accessible and equitable healthcare solutions.

Driven by a passion to transform healthcare data into meaningful and actionable insights, I am always open to collaborations and discussions that fuel medical innovation. Let's connect to discuss and explore new frontiers in this vital and exciting domain.